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Solar cells and charging boxes for homeowners

Do you have or are you going to install solar cells?

Solar cells are an important step along the road to a more energy-efficient future. To make sure that you get the most out of your investment, the solar electricity that is generated should also be stored properly.

Demand for home batteries is on the increase among homeowners. The advantage of a home battery is that you can store the solar energy and use it at a later date. This enables you to avoid power peaks during the day and gives you a better overview and control over costs. While reducing the load on the grid at the same time.

Ferroamp offers several different kinds of batteries, all adapted for properties, including Nilar’s high-quality, Swedish-made batteries, which are recyclable and free of heavy metals.

Nilar’s Homebox gives you an energy store that has unique benefits based on various safety and environmental aspects. The Nilar Home Box is based on the unique Nilar Hydrid® technology. It is the water-based, flame-retardant electrolyte that gives the batteries their unique safety benefits compared with other energy storage technologies. The Nilar Home Box is also produced from 100% renewable energy here in Sweden and is designed to last for more than 20 years.


So, with Ferroamp’s smart EnergyHub and Nilar’s Home Box, you are choosing cutting-edge technology that has been developed and produced in Sweden. It is the most sustainable, environment-friendly technology available at present, which future-proofs your home against a growing shortage of electricity and against increases in both grid charges and electricity prices in an already overloaded grid.

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Do you have or are you going to install a charging box?

Charging electric vehicles at a property via a charging box is now a matter of course for most people, they expect trouble-free charging. But most homes have a limited power supply. Instead of making a costly investment in increased current capacity, Ferroamp’s solutions provide the opportunity to make use of the property’s existing capacity. It is economically beneficial, safer and also more sustainable.

Many people who install a charging box come into contact with the concept of load balancing, which is commonly confused with phase balancing. We will explain the difference here, so that you as a homeowner will know what your property needs and which questions to ask your installer.

Phase balancing means that the electrical load created by, for example, charging an electric vehicle, is distributed evenly between the phases of your electricity supply, maximising, optimising and streamlining your utilisation of the property’s grid connection. This all takes place dynamically and in real time, constantly.

Load balancing is used to distribute the power available in the building between vehicles that are being charged. Can be static or dynamic, basically a limitation of output. These solutions can be referred to as power monitors.

The difference when using load balancing is that consideration must be given to other loads in the property, while with phase balancing it does not matter which phase the load is transferred to.

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