Unique scalability in both function and capacity

If you are extending a solar cell installation, you will of course want it to be integrated into the existing system. So it’s important that there is an idea of how the system is going to work, and not to focus solely on its function. It’s also important to give some thought to how the power tariff or main fuse is affected, as well as whether it affects the cables in the property. Ferroamp has technology in this area that affects both individual phase currents with our unique, patented phase balancing, and we can also use batteries and supply locally stored energy during power peaks.

This flexibility allows more functions to be added

One alternative to upgrading a substation and installing a new AC cable is to install a smaller DC cable together with a battery and an EnergyHub in the property’s garage. EnergyHub can then meet both the local need in the garage and supply energy to the property when it is needed. It will then be a smaller installation, a smaller intervention and you have made sure that important system functionality is connected to the rest of the property. This flexibility allows more functions to be added. 

shutterstock_529456828 700 x 646Ferroamp’s system has its scalability in both function and capacity. Regarding function, we have new software programs on the way, and if you combine this with lower battery prices, the scalability in capacity will increase, e.g. the range of the durability during a power peak. We are of course scalable in our solar cell production, as we can connect production on different roof surfaces together, and we can also connect different kinds of solar cells.

If you only compare technology that converts solar electricity, the differences will be smaller. The benefits of EnergyHub are most important at present for customers who have or risk having problems with the main fuse. The costs of the grid connection have risen in recent years, and there are many indications that this will continue to rise. Electricity consumption that is controllable and flexible at each connection will become increasingly important, which will make the investment in EnergyHub technology even more valuable.

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