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Green Deduction means lower prices

From 1 January 2021, private individuals have been able to claim a tax deduction for investments in solar cells, charging stations and solutions for energy storage of self-generated electricity. The deduction is similar to the so-called ROT (renovations, rebuilding, extensions) and RUT (repairs and maintenance of white goods and IT equipment) deductions, which means that you as a consumer avoid administration and pay less directly on your bill. The green deduction can be claimed annually. This means you can invest in your home’s energy transition over a number of years, in due course becoming as self-sufficient and as independent as possible of the already overloaded electricity grid and rising electricity prices. These are the general rules issued by the Swedish Tax Agency:

  • The green tax deduction is a maximum of SEK 50,000 per person per year. This means that if two people have joint ownership of one or more properties, you can claim a tax deduction of SEK 100,000 per year.
  • The green deduction applies to private individuals. Companies and tenant-owner associations are not entitled to the deduction.
  • The green deduction and the RUT and ROT deductions are two different tax deductions, and they do not affect each other in terms of the amount you can claim.
  • Unlike ROT deductions, the green deduction also applies to houses built in the last five years.
  • The green deduction applies only to properties (including solar cell installations) that are connected to the grid.
  • The installation of a combination of charging box and Ferroamp’s EnergyHub has been approved for a 50% green deduction. One tip could be to install a combination of solar panels and charging box now, but to wait until next year with the battery, so that the solar contribution gives you 15% on the installation of solar panels, solar string optimisers and DC distribution, while the green deduction gives you 50% on EnergyHub.
  • Find out more on the Swedish Tax Agency’s website.

Ferroamp’s products can be purchased through well-stocked electrical installation companies and solar cell suppliers. Contact your nearest supplier to obtain a quote for equipment and installation.


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